Everything you need to know fresh yeast

Why fresh yeast?

  • Fresh yeast brings out the natural texture and aroma of bread.
  • It is best for frozen dough and is compatible with all fermentation processes.
  • It is convenient, easy to weigh, and cost effective.
  • Fresh yeast is an all-natural product.

What is the recommended dosage?

1.8% of flour weight, or double the recommended dose when used in extra heavy dough formulation.

How to apply?

Take part of the water from the recipe & dissolve yeast in it then add to dough mixture. Never mix yeast straight with salt or shortening; the yeast will weaken or die.

Tips on Proper Yeast Handling

  • Maintain chiller temperature at 0-5o C at all times in the yeast chiller.
  • Don't open chiller doors excessively.
  • Properly stack yeast on pallets or remove bars from carton for adequate air circulation.
  • Don't stack in tight patterns that do not allow air circulation.
  • Allow for adequate air movement in the chiller. Use additional fans, if needed.
  • Don't store bags directly on chiller floor or in contact with walls.
  • Use product as needed:
    • Remove yeast from refrigerator shortly before needed.
    • Don't remove more than a one-hour supply from the chiller at any time.
  • Use first-in-first-out product rotation (FIFO):
    • Use oldest yeast first, Mark them so they can be used in proper order.
    • Don't mix new and old shipments.
  • Take yeast temperature frequently:
    • Keep yeast temperature below 10o C at all times (even outside the chiller).
    • Don't expect consistent result from yeast that was subjected to temperature abuse.
  • Minimize yeast exposure to air:
    • Once opened, keep bags (for crumbled yeast) rolled down to yeast level to minimize air contact.
    • Don't leave portion of yeast in an opened bag.

Learn More about the product specifications here.


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