Fubon Mycotoxin Binder is an effective broad-spectrum product manufactured by optimum selection of yeast as raw material, adoption of advanced purification technology, special enzymolysis, as well as construction and activation of yeast cell wall. It strengthens the advantages of adsorption sites in the yeast cell wall and possesses excellent adsorption effect in the toxins that have weak polarity such as zearalenone (ZEN) and vomitoxin. Moreover, the product contains aluminosilicate that is modified on the basis of American technology, thereby has the powers to release more space between layers and has stronger adsorption capacity for aflatoxin (AFT).


The main ingredients of Fubon Mycotoxin Binder are modified yeast cell wall, modified montmorillonite, mannan oligosaccharide and β-glucan


  • Triple protection for animals by detoxification, deintoxication and immunostimulation.
  • Selectively adsorbing mycotoxins, except for nutrients.

Broad-spectrum, efficient and specific adsorption of non-polar mycotoxins except for nutrients
Modified yeast cell wall is processed specifically to expose the adsorption layer fully; moreover, a lot of hydroxyl of yeast cell wall combines with lactones and ketones groups of nonpolar mycotoxins such as zearalenone (ZEN) and vomitoxin (DON), which forms polysaccharide - toxin complexes via hydrogen bond and Van der Waals force. Spiral space structure of yeast cell wall closely combines with variety of mycotoxins for firm adsorption. Owing to the specific space structure, Fubon Mycotoxin Binder has little adsorption with amino acids, vitamins

Special modifying technology for aluminosilicate makes the adsorption with aflatoxin more powerful
Natural mineral resources is selected as one of the ingredients of Fubon Mycotoxin Binder, and then purified technologically, which thereby have uniqe flaky and needle-like structures like specific nests as well as enormous specific surface area, and can strongly absorb polar mycotoxins (e.g. aflatoxins). Modified aluminosilicate has a strong capacity of cation exchange to adsorb NH3, thus descreasing NH3 emission of animal feces.

Helping to enhance immunity and bind pathogens
As a part of yeast cell wall, manno-oligosaccharide (MOS) is able to prevent pathogens from damage to the cell wall of intestinal mucosa based on the recognition of pathogens, and combine with the pathogens to expel them out of the body, thus protecting animal health. Moreover, MOS contributes beneficial bacteria in intestinal tract of animal to profileration to protect animals. β-1, 3 glucan has ability to promote the development of immune organs, improve the detoxification of liver and reduce the inhibitory effect of mycotoxins for immune systems.

Adsorbing a variety of toxins, without affection by intestinal pH


Helping to effectively adsorb a myriad of mycotoxins such as aflatoxin (AFT), zwaralenone (ZEN), fumitremorgin (FUM), T-2 toxin, ochratoxin (OCT), thus to protect animals from the toxins. Protecting livers, stimulating the activity of immune cells, and in turn boost the resistance to disease and improve health of animals. Adsorbing ZEN specifically, which can reduce reproductive failure, abortion and pseuod estrus and increase survival rate of animals.


  • Broad-spectrum, efficient and thorough detoxification.
  • Leading technology: awarded two international patents
  • Advantages of raw material: the technology of improved yeast cell wall devoted to the stability of product

Application (in vitro)

Directions For Use

Fully mix with compound feed according to the dosage indicated in Table 6. It can also by pro rata used in premix, concentrate feeds or concentrate supplement. The efficacy will not be affected by the feed processing like granulation and inflation.

Package and Storage

Package: 25kg/bag with polythylene liner.

Storage: The shelf life is 24 months, please keep in a cool and dry place.

Attentions: Please use up once it been opened or bind tightly after using


This product should be preserved at the cool and dry place, used as quickly as possible after being opened and packed tightly after use. The use throughout feeding time can make best effect.


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