Features and Functions

  • Fubon Bacillus Subtilis is a kind of probiotics. Fubon Bacillus Subtilis can regulate animal intestinal flora balance, improve the intestinal microbial environment, and maintain animal health. It is a natural, economic growth-promoting additive.
  • Bacillus subtilis, with bacillus content up to 200 million / g, is probiotic that can withstand high temperature process of pelletization.
  • Fubon Bacillus Subtilis has high activity and can withstand the high temperature and high humidity environment in the feed production process. Fubon Bacillus Subtilis can rapidly germinate after entering in the animal intestines.
  • Through consumption of oxygen and competitive inhibition, Fubon Bacillus Subtilis maintains intestinal micro ecological balance, and reduces the occurrence of animal intestinal diseases.
  • Fubon Bacillus Subtilis can secrete large amount of digestive enzymes in the animal intestinal to promote digestion and absorption of feed to improve feed efficiency, and significantly improve the laying rate and egg production.
  • Fubon Bacillus Subtilis can be used to reduce ammonia emissions from farming, to reduce the concentration of harmful ammonia gas in the breeding environment, and to improve the farming environment.

Physical Characteristics

Color: Light Yellow to Brown
Odor: A Slight Fishy Smell
Impurity: Without Foreign Substances
Appearance: Powder

Technical Characteristics

Total Count of Bacillus Subtilis (Billion / g) ≥ 20.0
Moisture, (%) ≤ 8.0
Lead (Pb) (mg/kg) ≤ 5.0
Arsenic (As), (mg/kg) ≤ 2.0
Salmonella Negative


Fubang Bacillus Subtilis can be added to the normal diet or adjuvant therapy of a variety of poultry, livestock, pets and aquaculture. Mix Fubon Bacillus Subtilis directly in the granular or powder feed.

Reference to the following table for normal inclusion rate : (g/ton complete feed)
Animal Dosage
Poultry 80-100
Piglet 300-500
Growing Pig 100-200
Sow 100-200
Aquaculture 300-500

Packing: 20 kg in Kraft paper bags.
Storage and Shelf Life: Please store in a cool and dry place; the shelf life is 24 months.


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