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Red Dragon Fresh Yeast (RDY), Bakerdream Semi-Dry Yeast, Instant Dry Yeast, Refined, Wash and Brown Sugar, Shortening, Margarine and Vegetable Oil, First & Third Class Flour and other specialty flours, ube and monggo paste, among others.

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GroPro Swine, Gropro Poultry, GroPro Aqua, Active Feed Dry Yeast, Active Feed Dry Yeast-Ruminants, Active Feed Dry Yeast TR100 (HeatResistance), Yeast Cell Wall, Soluble Yeast Cell Wall, Selenium Yeast, MB+ Mycotoxin Binder, Yeast Glucan, MOS, Bacilus Subtilis.


GYST Trading (Philippines) is a specialty goods and services company focused on yeast products for both the baking and the animal nutrition industries. Established 2013, we aim to bring one of nature's most important organisms from ancient times for the betterment of the world. Our mission is to provide all natural and environmental-friendly, worldwide-proven solutions to the Philippines.

All our products are pure yeast products with no carriers giving a more natural and healthier food for human consumption. Join us as we look forward to a more sustainable, biological and healthy future in food production for the coming generations.

GYST Trading is accredited with the Food and Drug Administration and the Bureau of Animal Industry.